What is happening in Padua and why the public prosecutor’s office has challenged the birth certificates of dozens of children?

What is happening in Padua and why the public prosecutor’s office has challenged the birth certificates of dozens of children?

The Padua Public Prosecutor’s Office has decided to challenge the birth certificates of 33 registered children with two mothers: for the Democratic Party it shows the country’s “authoritarian tendency” and for the centre-right party it is a matter of normal “application of the law”. .

The right speaks of respect for the law, the centre-left of authoritarian tendency. Another civil rights struggle is taking place in Padua, tying together a whole range of interrelated issues: rainbow families, pregnancy for others, same-sex couples, children’s rights. Over the years, the mayor of the Venetian city has decided to transcribe the birth certificates of boys and girls with two mothers. He started acting in 2017.according to conscience“, and never stopped. Then yesterday came the news from the prosecutor’s office: the deeds of all 33 children registered in this way in the registry office have been challenged. A real crusade by the prosecutors of Padua, who have declared that The “second mother“There is neither Italian law nor the possibility for a woman to assign her biological child her partner’s surname.

I am calm and confident in the decisions made – explained the Mayor Sergio Giordani in an interview with Repubblica – It is an act of responsibility, I do not accept the idea that there are A-series children and B-series children who are immediately discriminated against in their fundamental rights“. Then the mayor called for government and parliament to intervene, but this is unlikely: “There is a very serious legislative vacuum that Parliament should legislate to fill, but has so far not done so“. Giordani recalled: “Many colleagues from various political parties have asked loudly about it“Also because for the mayors, transcription is an objective problem, since children – apart from the way you think about it and what methods of conception they have – certainly cannot disappear.”What I say to the political forces – he added – is to put aside the ideological struggle and think only of children“.

For the Democratic Party, this is a very serious fact: “An act of cruelty against those families and their children whom the law refuses to raise orphans – commented Senator Cecilia D’Elia – The restoration of the so-called natural family in the name of ideology challenges living and real ties. It is an attack on the family as a place of affection and love-based relationships that affects not just rainbow families, but an idea of ​​coexistence and relationship between genders and generations. An authoritarian tendency that we cannot allow“.

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None of that for the centre-right: “The Padua Public Prosecutor simply applied the law – stressed the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani – Marriage in Italy is only between a man and a woman. Mayors are not above the law. Children’s rights are all protected“. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is even tougher: “In my opinion, the child is adopted and born when it has a mother and a father“.

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