what is written in the INPS circular

what is written in the INPS circular

Pensions, the latest news

The increase in the minimum pension to up to 600 euros for over 75-year-olds, as planned by the government in the budget law, will take effect from July. Confirmation has also been received from the INPS.

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Pensions, the latest news

Minimum pensions rise in July. What is provided for in the budget law will come into effect next month, he also confirms INPS in a note. “This is the increase that Law 197/2022 awards to pensioners of an amount equal to or below the minimum treatment for the period from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024, in order to “mitigate the negative impact of the observed and expected inflationary pressures counteract”. years 2022 and 2023′“, is read.

But how high is this climb provided for in the maneuver? For the current year it is 1.5 percentage points, raised to 6.4% for pensioners over 75 years of age. In 2024, however, the increase will be 2.7 percentage points regardless of age. All these increases are in relation to the valid INPS minimum treatment of 563.74 euros.

With the July payment, arrears that are due from January 1, 2023 or from the start of retirement, if later, will also be paid out and the amount will be marked as a separate item on the payment slip“, underlines the INPS once again.

The pension promises the Meloni government failed to deliver on at the Department of Defense

Raising minimum pensions was central to the centre-right party’s election manifesto. And it had then been included in the budget bill, despite significantly reduced spending margins, which had meant some campaign promises had to be revised downwards. Like that of Forza Italia, which aimed to raise minimum pensions to up to a thousand euros. In the maneuver, on the other hand, the increase in minimum pensions went up to 600 euros for those over 75 years old. It was supposed to start back in January, but was delayed due to a series of technical issues with targeting.

From the month JulyHowever, pensioners over the age of 75 should finally be recognized for the promised increase in the minimum allowance to 600 euros. However, Forza Italia had reiterated in recent months that the ultimate goal will remain to raise the minimum treatment to a thousand euros. A goal that the Azzurri want to achieve by the end of the legislative period. However, it is still unclear how and by what means.

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