When Silvio Berlusconi’s will is opened: the mystery of the inheritance

When Silvio Berlusconi’s will is opened: the mystery of the inheritance

What is about to open could be the crucial week for knowing Silvio Berlusconi’s will. It is likely that the notary Arrigo Roveda will summon the heirs within a few days of the presentation of the Mfe-Mediaset annual plans, which will take place on Tuesday.

This upcoming opening could be the crucial week to get the details Will of Silvio Berlusconiwho died on June 12 at the age of 86 at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan as a result of complications from the disease he had been suffering from for some time, chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.

The first Fininvest meeting after the death of the founder took place on Thursday, which ended as expected under the sign of Continuity in the control and management of the family holding company – which also owns about half of Mfe-Mediaset and 30% of Banca Mediolanum – with the approval of a 100 million dividend for the heirs and the confirmation of the Board of Directors with Marina as President (the only one present in person, while Pier Silvio, Luigi Barbara and Eleonora were connected from a distance). Now it’s the notary’s turn Arrigo Roveda After the final bureaucratic hurdles have been cleared, all heirs will be summoned to clarify how the fortune, which could total around 6 billion euros, will be divided. These include liquidity, movable and immovable property, for which various valuations are carried out.

It will be known when Berlusconi’s will will be available

Market expectations for the opening of the Alfa Romeo founder’s last wishes are focused on next week, especially the second half of the year. The will is unlikely to open tomorrow as Mfe-Mediaset is due to unveil its annual plans on Tuesday night, a pivotal moment for the group. TV advertising is collected on the basis of the broadcasts, which, among other topics, is the vehicle that largely circulates the most money for Alfa: last year, Mfe-Mediaset recorded a declining but still positive cash flow of over 360 million. It is therefore difficult to want to overlap the reading of the will with this important date.

But it is clear that the expectation is related to the fact that the history of the will is not only private and does not concern only the heirs. The first step in this process was precisely Thursday’s meeting and the annual appointment of Fininvest’s board of directors. The physical presence of the President of Mfe-Mediaset during these passages did not go unnoticed Loyal Confalonieri, who does not hold an office in the family holding company. An important guide for the “boys”, as Berlusconi affectionately called his children. It is also very present at this stage Gianni Letta, often seen I am at Villa Arcore these days to lend a hand, also politically, in this delicate phase of transition.

One of the nodes is the “legitimate” 20% stake in Fininvest, which could be transferred to the heirs in a number of ways. And there are doubts about non-financial assets. In fact, among the many lawyers caring for the children, the hypothesis is circulating that Berlusconi may have made some changes to his will during the hospital stays in San Raffaele, possibly in favor of his partner Marta Fascina, who was not linked by marriage to the bond the former prime minister is not among the legitimate heirs.

The sale of Monza is at stake

According to reports from Ansa, some decisions have already been made by the heirs, including the sale of the Monza football club. Discussions about the potential sale have been held with Vaghelis Marinakis, the Greek businessman close to conservative Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and owner of Athens club Olympiakos. These talks were followed by successive speeches from numerous US investment funds interested in Italian football.

In concrete terms, after the opening of the founder’s will, of course, everything will be realized, but the direction seems clear: we are moving towards a definitive farewell to Fininvest from football, including the increasingly likely candidacy of Adrian Galliani, now number one in the Brianza company and member of the board of directors of the family holding company, for Monza’s seat in the Senate, which was vacant after Berlusconi’s death. The by-elections will be in October, so we’ll have to wait.

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