Work: 8 films that make you think about toxic environments, precariousness and hyperproductivity

Work: 8 films that make you think about toxic environments, precariousness and hyperproductivity

In the cinema, from its beginnings to today, the world of Work watched several times. In particular, their effects on private life have played an important role in the narrated events. A situation that today is increasingly upset and keeps recurring, so much so that, according to the Censis Eudaimon report on corporate wellbeing, almost half of Italian workers would leave their current jobs. To find out what they are more frequent situations of malaise sereneonline platform for psychotherapy 8 movies they bring to the stage the most spoiled face of corporations Today.

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The Wolf of Wall Street: Hyperproductivity and mental manipulation

Not yours, however seduce the audience create new needs. This is the ruthless philosophy of the sharks, even the “wolves” of Wall Street. In the 2013 film directed and produced by Martin Scorsese, the protagonist – played by Leonardo DiCaprio – is ready to do the same cheat to get rich. So the handling becomes amusement and amazement in a series of scams and jokes in a life controlled by drugs, sex and big bucks.

7 minutes: Labor and women’s rights

What happens when the economic crisis hits the employee? Inspired by a true story that happened in France in 2012, Michele Placido’s film deals with the subjecterosion of labor rights. To avoid that dismissal, 11 women from a textile company have to caricature 7 minutes of their lunch break. But giving up always comes at a cost, and little by little the loss becomes gigantic, with ever-greater repercussions.

The Devil’s Advocate: separation

A promising young lawyer from Florida receives oneseemingly indispensable offer: Work for an upscale law firm in Manhattan. The dream turns into a nightmare almost immediately, presenting the protagonist with a dilemma: is he willing to take on the causes? morally unacceptable to increase its prestige? L’ambition Reaching the top is a problem shared by many workers with good potential, whether they are beginners or not.

The unexpected intern: age difference within the same job

Although the film uses a comedic register, it does address some important related themes to inclusion in the working world. there is aexpiry age when we talk about it productivity? And what relationship can there be between different generations? Frame by frame, a reflection on the possibility of a work environment where everyone, regardless of age, can make a real contribution.

The devil Wears Prada: toxic work environment

A young journalist will do anything to gain favor with her narcissistic director and the peers who make her mobbing. She changes her appearance and attitude until she is sucked into an increasingly severe spiral labor compromises and abuses, but also of reckless and unhealthy confrontations. The place is safe but at the expense of old friends and love. Until the day it stops Consider whether work is worth more than personal life.

I stop when I want: precarious

The feature film gives an overview of a major Italian problem: that of the lack of funding for the Research and the lack of professional offerings suited to high levels of academic preparation. If staying in Italy means a unemployed graduateis the solution flee abroad. But desperation and a desire to stay can lead to redemption with a shiny market instead, but out of give her Rules.

1984: alienation

In dystopias, work often becomes the main vehicle of social division. Fear and protection are the feelings portrayed in this 1984 film directed by Michael Radford, where work reaches its highest climaxhuman alienationwhile serving as an incentive discrimination and a welcoming place to stay. Go on, don’t raise your head, don’t ask questions, don’t think be productive in order not to run the risk of being noticed.

full monthjob search and unemployment

A 1997 film that brings the issue of precariousness to the big screen, economic problems and unemployment. Some migrant workers, inspired by young Father Gaz, improvise strippers to earn a few pounds. For parents, work means acceptance, support and self-efficacy. But when it is absent, it leaves room for the spirit of guilty dishonor and self-shame to isolate and drive away the only loved ones that matter.

psychologist’s opinion

The depiction of complex and painful phenomena through films makes them more approachable and approachable. The identification it actually becomes a way to confirm the presence of problems and make us feel less alone. But remember, “If we feel like we’re struggling, that’s always good consult a professional and ask for help,” says Martina Migliore, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist and expert in superhero therapy.

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