work, what do we know about the new government decree |  Wired Italy

work, what do we know about the new government decree | Wired Italy

The government has set itself the target of passing the new Labor Regulations on the symbolic date of May 1st. For this reason too, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni should be loud reports the agency handlewould have convened at 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 30 unions to discuss the measures which will be discussed in the Council of Ministers the next day.

The completed process, in particular, caused controversy after the publication of the first drafts when exceeding the basic income. In fact, the intention of the executive has always been to repeal it. You should replace it three new tools: Pal, Gil and Gal.

Buddy, Gil and Gal

The first that labor support servicecome into effect provisionally from August. The second that Inclusion Guaranteewill then be intended for those who are unable to work, while the third, who Job Activation Guaranteewas developed for those who are able to work.

Regarding the GilIn accordance with reports The sun 24 hoursCompared to the first drafts, the government can envisage some changes in connection with the audit of the financial impact carried out by the State Audit Office. Especially under the scrutiny of the MEF department the isee requirements and useful threshold for accessing support are over: previously fixed at 7200 eurosit should rise 9360thereby reducing the number of potential beneficiaries.

Instead, positive news should come from the equivalence scale, the multiplier used to calculate the total benefit amount. The draft Labor Decree discriminated against dependent family members, the final text of the law should do so instead overcome this obstacle.

The intention of the Meloni government is also that of iIntervention in the causes of the fixed-term employment contract to do to reduce its attractiveness. However, this does not mean that the European maximum limit will be exceeded of the 36 consecutive months before conversion to a permanent contract.

Finally, during Question Time in the Chamber on April 27, Economy and Finance Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti ensured that the Executive “will allocate available budgetary margins to fund for the current year: a new cut in social security contributions paid by middle-to-low income workers and an iRaising the fringe benefit limit for employees with children“.

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