Your questions – super bonus, 110% difficult for armored doors and insulation: the reasons

Your questions – super bonus, 110% difficult for armored doors and insulation: the reasons

We have started work on the super bonus as we are still eligible for 110% and balance transfer. The planned works include the insulation of the walls to the stairwell and the installation of armored doors. But according to the general contractor, we can only charge 50% for this work. Are things like this?

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The general contractor is right about the insulation and probably also has it on the armored door. As for the insulation, to be facilitated with the super bonus, it must be an opaque scattering surface that delimits the conditioned space from the outside, the ground, environments with different temperatures or environments not equipped with air conditioning System. Starting from this definition of the Ministerial Decree of June 26, 2015, Enea, after an interview with the Revenue Agency, clarified that the opaque surface delimiting the stairwell cannot be considered as a dividing surface between a heated space and the outside environment, or in any case compared to unheated environments. It can certainly be argued that the stairwell contributes to heat dissipation and thus to energy wastage, but we have to deal with reality: the work is financed with the loan assignment and those who have to apply the permit will certainly refer to the official interpretation. As for the second question, we probably use the adverb because, from a formal point of view, the armored door can be lightened as a drawn structure, but it must have precise technical characteristics to ensure, in addition to security, an improvement in the energy efficiency of the house. Products with these requirements are very expensive and exceed eligible spend limits for windows and doors.

With the advice of Gino Pagliuca

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