Zaki, the expected arrival tomorrow in Malpensa, then in the evening in Bologna for the party in his honor

Zaki, the expected arrival tomorrow in Malpensa, then in the evening in Bologna for the party in his honor

Tomorrow Patrick Zaki will arrive on a British Airways flight to Milan Malpensa Airport in Italy at around 17:00 and depart from Cairo at around 14:00.

There will be no press conference upon arrival at the airport. Instead, he will be the focus of journalists’ questions at 8.30 p.m. in the evening Rectorate of the University of Bologna in the presence of the Rector Giovanni Molari and Professor Rita Monticelli, Coordinator of the Gemma Master, followed by the Egyptian activist. It communicates itself alma mater. In consultation with the city of Bologna, a public festival is also planned in Piazza Maggiore.

According to the university, Zaki will land at Malpensa airport and will be personally accompanied by Molari and Monticelli to the university by car.


Mansura, the day of Patrick Zaki’s release

The Egyptian UniBo student chose to return to Italy “independently” by refusing an Italian state flight.

A meeting with Patrick Zaki? For the foreign minister Antonio Tajani “It is not to be expected”. “Our concern was to protect a young man who was imprisoned and convicted in order to give him his freedom back, because it is a young man who studied and graduated in Italy,” he explained in Paestum. “The rest is his decisions about how he comes to Italy and when he stays. We were interested in the young man’s release, and we were committed to that from the start.”

Activists gathered last night to celebrate. Those present also included the meeting in an apartment in Cairo Mohamed El-Baqer, The lawyer and human rights defender was pardoned with him by Egyptian President al-Sisi. This is what emerges from pictures published last night on Facebook of her friend Yousra El Klesly and her sister Marise, who was also present at the meeting along with Reny Iskander, the Egyptian researcher’s friend. Among them is Ahmed Harara, the so-called “blind doctor” who lost both eyes to police gunfire at two separate demonstrations in January and November 2011, the year of the first Egyptian revolution that overthrew the autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Gasser Abdel-Razek, former managing director of Eipr, the Egyptian NGO for which the activist worked with a degree in Gender Studies in Bologna. Patrick announced the meeting with El-Baqer last night on Twitter, referring to the activist, who was pardoned while serving a four-year prison sentence dating back to 2021, mainly for joining the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in Egypt. The activist has been in custody since September 2019.

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